Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Instagram is A Great Way to Promote Your Staffing Company Socially When it comes to social media, staffing companies have a lot of options these days for recruiting top talent and earning new customers. The big questions we get from most staffing companies are 'which social networks should I use' and 'What kind of content should I post?' As far as determining which social networking platforms are the best to use, it really depends on what works for you and where your audience is. Try experimenting with different sites from Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn. However, we also encourage companies to branch out and experiment with new platforms. One new social networking app that can produce great results for your staffing company is Instagram. If you haven't heard of Instagram you soon will. Instagram is a mobile app that works on iPhones and Android based smart phones. It lets you take photos, apply custom filters that make your photos look awesome and share them with your friends on Instagram and other social sites. It's simple to use, fun and a bit addicting. So why should your staffing company use Instagram? It's about answering the content question. This infographic below from M Booth shows one thing is clear - when it comes to social media, images are THE winning content strategy and a great way to promote your brand. The infographic reveals the following: Videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts combined Photos are liked twice as much as text posts Photos on Pinterest refer more traffic than Twitter,...

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