Thursday, August 16, 2012

Professional Services Hosts Webinar Series on Preparing for TJC Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Learn about proper preparation for success in achieving the Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Services Certification in this free, 4-part series – “Making Joint Commission Requirements Easy” launching Aug 23rd at 2 p.m. EST. Prophecy Professional Services’ Chief Clinical Officer Christine Carrington, RN, MS, will host the free 4-part webinar series discussing proper preparation for success in achieving the coveted JCHCSS Certification. Achieving TJC certification distinguishes organizations among the elite in the country, as they must meet the highest standards in the industry. Since the Joint Commission standards support best practices that lead to the delivery of safe, quality patient care many hospitals now require Joint Commission certification to participate in the RFP process. In addition, hospital associations and some VMS & MSP organizations are requiring agencies to be certified to participate as a subcontractor. Carrington, having over 30 years leadership experience in the healthcare industry has a 100% success rate with leading organizations to be TJCHCSS certified. Her success ranges from large, national staffing firms to start-up agencies alike. The focus of each webinar in the series is as follows: Aug. 23rd @ 2pm EST: How Ready is Your Firm? Sept. 27th @ 2pm EST: Understanding the Leadership Standards Oct. 25th @ 2pm EST: Understanding the Human Resource Standards Nov. 15th @ 2pm EST: Understanding the Performance Measurement & Information Management Standards Reserve your spot for each of the webinars in this series to position your organization for success the first time around with achieving the JCHCSS Certification - a...

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