Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mobile: Native vs. Web Often, staffing companies contact us wanting to get into mobile but don't fully understand the difference between a mobile website or native app or which one is right for them. To put it simply, a native app is something you install on your phone - for example, something through the iPhone or Android app store. A mobile website is a website that changes form, style and/or function because it's being viewed on a mobile phone. Below is a great infographic laying out some of the pros/cons of a mobile website vs. a native app. That said, although helpful, there are a few things this infographic is missing or that we'd modify. The infographic points out that users are currently spending more time on native apps than mobile websites. True, however, that statistic is largely skewed by game usage. This infographic doesn't differentiating between consumer apps and business apps. Many apps are consumer focused. The infographic doesn't mention that you can do almost anything with a mobile website that you can do with a native app. Further, most of the things you can't do yet with a mobile website simply are not relevant to a mobile, business site anyway. Even if you have an native app, most likely, users will at some point still attempt to access your website though a mobile phone. Therefore, if you don't provide them with a good mobile web experience, you're still missing out. Check out the infographic below if you're contemplating how to approach your...

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