Monday, May 07, 2012

New Site Launched: Advanced Medical Kyle is a Physical Therapist. He can get a job anywhere. So can you. That's the tagline we used to guide the recent project we just completed with Advanced Medical. And it's not just a tagline. Advanced Medical is a therapy only staffing agency placing traveling therapists all across the country. Their innovation, creativity and embrace of technology has produced tremendous growth for their company over the last few years and things are only going up from here. This project had a lot of components and enabled us to experiment with some techniques and technologies, thanks to Advanced Medical allowing us the space to be creative and trusting us to deliver. Updated Brand We fist updated the Advanced Medical brand. We didn't do a complete rebrand, just changed up some of the styles to give it a cleaner, more modern look. We also presented the brand in additional styles so it could used more universally. Website We had several primary goals with Advanced Medical's new site: Simply the site while presenting the same/similar information Not loose any SEO they've earned over the years Create more interaction and engagement We started with the home page. We cleared most things out of the way so potential candidates could focus on the main thing they're looking for - JOBs! However, if these candidates are looking for more information they can get it quickly with just a click. We then created a custom travel therapy job board and improved the work flow for their...

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