Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Reasons Why Staffing Providers Should (And Do) Embrace Technology-Driven Vendor Management (Part 1 of 2) Guest Blog by Jeff Niles - Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ShiftWise – A leading provider of hospital workforce management software and services in the healthcare staffing industry. This post orginally appeared on the ShiftWise blog ShiftWise Exchange. For the better part of the past decade, I have been in and around technology-driven vendor management in health care. In that time, I have experienced or witnessed every possible human emotion that is associated with VMS programs both good and bad. As a young staffing Account Executive, I vividly remember the fear and panic I felt when I first heard that one of my bigger clients was going to a VMS. Certain that this nameless, faceless software application was going to “ruin my relationship” with the client, I prepared a self-serving list of reasons why this was a bad idea for the client. Despite my greatest efforts and deepest convictions that I knew best for the client, in the end, there was nothing I could do. I was doomed. Or so I thought. My client’s change actually improved our relationship and helped us grow revenue in that account. In retrospect, my reaction was based on fear, lack of information, and a sense that change is always bad. Over time, my epiphany has been shared by a growing number of staffing providers. I see more and more firms making statements like, “We like it when we hear that a client is moving to ShiftWise” and “We wish that all of...

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