Friday, January 13, 2012

What good is a Travel Nurse Loyalty Program if you don’t know how it works? Guest Blog by Patrick Fuerstenau – Brand Craftsman at Medical Solutions, a leading Healthcare Staffing company that provides quality Nurses and Allied Health Professionals to meet the staffing needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. It seems that nowadays, every single retailer or service provider has some sort of loyalty program that rewards its customers as a way of saying thank you and Travel Nurse companies are no exception. In fact in 2010, more than 2.1 billion loyalty memberships existed in the U.S., according to Colloquy’s 2011 “Forecast of U.S. Consumer Loyalty Program Points Value.” The report revealed that the average U.S. household signs up for 18.4 such programs. At first, signing up for these various programs seems like a great deal but later down the road, most don’t know how they work or what these loyalty programs are actually offering. In many cases, Travel Nurse loyalty programs are the same way. Each agency has their own version of such programs, some that are fairly simple and easy to follow, while others have many stipulations in place that make it nearly impossible to actually redeem any sort of bonus. The paradox, says Mark Johnson, president and CEO of loyalty marketing think tank Loyalty 360, is that consumers are more engaged with and more 
demanding of brands than ever. “Loyalty is no longer about points for a purchase,” he explains. “Consumers are looking for ways to engage with brands who listen to them. Loyalty is about timeliness and relevancy. You...

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