Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Staffing Robot Wins eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Healthcare Website Design! Staffing Robot won the eHealthcare Leadership - Platinum Award for Best Website Design in the Healthcare Category! We were nominated for the award based on the Medical Solutions website we developed earlier this year. The eHealthcare Leadership Awards program was developed and first presented 12 years ago by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends in an effort to identify and reward those advancing design and development in healthcare. More than 300 organizations, representing a broad industry spectrum, received recognition for their outstanding websites and digital communications at a special presentation in Orlando on November 9 during the Fifteenth Annual Healthcare Internet Conference. Winners of the 2011 eHealthcare Leadership Awards were selected from nearly 1,200 entries. A total of 114 individuals familiar with healthcare and the Internet judged the entries. Judges looked at how websites and other digital communications compared with others in their organization’s classification. They also reviewed entries based on a multi-point standard of Internet excellence. The best overall Internet site category, for example, had to pass muster on more than 40 factors. “Despite the challenging economic environment, organizations have continued to explore and invest in digital communications,” says Mark Gothberg, eHealthcare Leadership Awards chairman. “A significant number of organizations have made major improvements in their websites, expanded involvement in social media, more fully integrated traditional marketing with new media vehicles, and initiated mobile efforts to better serve current and future customers.” Gothberg notes that improvements in websites were largely focused on enhancing visual interest, perfecting navigation, and showcasing key service...
3 Rules for when to outsource your Business Processes Guest Blog Post by: David Folwell, CMO at Travelers Haven, the only NATHO endorsed temporary housing provider. 3 Rules for when to outsource your Business Processes And 3 Times you should keep it in-house Are you outsourcing strategically? If you’re not, you might want reconsider the importance of outsourcing… Take it from Harvard: "Today, outsourcing is not just a trend; it is an integral part of how smart companies do business….The concept has matured. It now connotes a strategic relationship between partners, with shared risks and goals - a relationship in which a company concentrates on its core business and relies on outsourcing partnerships to get the rest done. Unless managers periodically reexamine how they make sourcing decisions - and how resources get allocated - they can find themselves… starving what is core". - Harvard Business Review With the importance of outsourcing in mind, here’s a simple framework that can help you decide which business processes to keep in house and which ones to outsource. When to outsource: It’s not your core business Someone else can do it better Costs less to outsource When to keep it in-house: It’s your core business You can do it better Costs less in-house These simple rules are not comprehensive, but a rough guide to start the discussion. We believe that you should spend at least one day per year looking at how you are spending your resources and determining if there’s a better way. When you have the discussion about what to keep...

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