Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Stories in the Staffing Industry 2011 and Some Predictions for 2012 Another year of discussing staffing industry news, marketing tips and events has passed so we thought we'd recap some of the big staffing industry news and events worth mentioning from 2011. Here are the biggest and most relevant stories that had an impact on the staffing industry in 2011 and some we think will have a bigger impact next year in 2012. Top Staffing Related News in 2011 Staffing Agencies. It was another great year at the Healthcare Staffing Summit put on by the SIA. A lot of great data about the industry and where it's headed in 2012 was shared. One of the biggest stories relating to staffing companies this year was Maxim Healthcare's $150M fine for defrauding Medicare programs. The Economy. It's not news anymore to state that the down economy is still having a big effect on the staffing industry. Many hospitals felt these effects in the form of massive nursing strikes throughout the country. However, at least this year there were some larger signs of improvement, particularly in the healthcare staffing industry. Health IT. Health IT was big news this year. Everything from EMR mandates and implementation, to major health IT investments. Mobile. Mobile is definitely getting hot in the staffing industry. Mobile recruiting, mobile apps, mobile websites, etc. are all playing a larger role in the day to day operations for staffing companies. Lots of data was put out about mobile tech adoption with healthcare professionals. At Staffing Robot we were happy to be part...

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