Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BeKnown™ Facebook® Integration Now Makes It Easier to Express Yourself Professionally on Facebook Guest Blog by Tom Chevalier- Global Product Manager at Monster and product lead for BeKnown™ – the professional networking app on Facebook. This post appeared orginially on Monster's blog - MonsterThinking. Today at f8, Facebook’s developer’s conference in San Francisco, Monster announced that BeKnown™ is launching new features that make it possible for people to add professional updates like career changes and college graduation information directly to their Facebook profile. Monster is among the first companies integrating Facebook’s latest features to bring more social engagement to the online careers and professional networking industries. So what does this all mean for BeKnown members? In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to share customized professional networking activity back to Facebook that goes beyond ‘Liking.” These custom actions open up new opportunities and make it easier for you to feature career updates and highlight your professional brand to help advance your career goals. Quite simply, you now have a better way to show a more complete story of who you are as a professional. Facebook has always made it easy to discover great things and now BeKnown makes it even easier for you to present yourself as a professional, and connect with friends and family to better express what you’re doing at work or where you are at in your career. Through consistent and easy to understand settings on BeKnown (only ‘Everyone’ information is shared), you also remain in full control over how your activity is shared, thereby maintaining the separation of personal...

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