Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can Your Staffing Company Use Hively? Hively is currently being used in multiple niches of the staffing industry, by companies of varying sizes and different team make ups, all across the country. Hively is not limited to specific industries, teams, or companies of any size. From start ups, to small businesses, to large companies - Hively is perfect for helping you easily measure you customer happiness and team performance. Any company in the staffing industry with customer facing teams benefits from Hively. It's the perfect app for gathering and measuring customer happiness and engagement data. It’s simple, effective and fun to use. Best of all, it's quick to get started. You can literally set up a team of 100 people and start getting feedback in less than 5 minutes. Try it yourself and see. One of the best things about Hively is that it’s universal. Hively benefits all of your internal teams – not 'just the suppor team' or 'just the sales team.' Hively is useful for any customer facing team that provides support, training, recruiting, account management, reception, sales, service, etc. Most companies are still trying to gather customer feedback and measure customer happiness by periodically sending out lengthy surveys that are time consuming to administer, and time consuming for customers to complete. Hively gives all of your customer facing team members a simple rating snippet that lets your customers give you immediate feedback with 1 click, at their convenience. This rating snippet is simply inserted (copy and paste) into your email signature, CRM, website...

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