Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthcare Staffing Summit 2011 Wrap UP We once again attended the Healthcare Staffing Summit this year. The 2011 summit was held in Philadelphia and it did not disappoint. It was great to network with other companies in the industry, meet new people and catch up with some of our clients. In addition, we were asked to present at the API Healthcare Client Forum. We gave a presentation titled 'How To Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Loyalty - tips, trends and strategies for marketing your healthcare staffing company." We got great feedback on the presentation from staffing agencies in the audience. We'll post info from that talk in some future posts. Perhaps the best reason to attend the show is to get the industry data from Barry Asin's keynote presentation. This year Barry's keynote was titled 'Capturing Opportunities In A Changing Industry.' Barry kicked off the summit with this keynote providing lots of interesting about the industry. Many things have changed since last year and the news wasn't quite as bleak as the previous two years. Although there weren't as many big events or all the acquisitions that happened last year, here are some of the highlights we took from his presentation. The estimated size of healthcare staffing industry is currently $8.1B and estimated to grow to $8.9B in 2012. Yes, grow. Woot! The top 15 staffing companies in the industry have 49% share of the healthcare staffing market. Average Gross Margin for top healthcare staffing companies has increased over the years and is presently around 28%....

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