Monday, May 02, 2011

Announcing Hively - Client Satisfaction and Employee Rewards App for Healthcare Staffing Companies! We are excited to announce the Beta version of our new product - Hively! Hively is a simple, effective and fun way to measure your client happiness and motivate your employees to provide excellent customer service. With Hively, you can view real time client feedback on your customer service and sales team's performance. Most companies only guess at their client satisfaction and the level of customer service their employees provide. Well now you can stop guessing! Hively provides your customers with a one-click, happiness rating system. Hively ratings are simple to measure and understand, yet powerful enough to drive real results. These results will help your company improve customer retention and reward your team members for their performance. Sound interesting? If so, sign up and tell us why you want to participate in the Hively beta. We’ll choose a few companies to participate and notify you in the next couple of weeks if your company has been selected. The best part? By participating in our beta your company will be entered to win an iPad 2! We'll announce the winner at the end of the beta. Don't wait! We're only selecting a few companies to participate in this exclusive beta process so sign up to try Hively today! If you want to learn more about Hively go to our new website for the product here: Have questions? Contact us and lets talk!

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