Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Your Healthcare Staffing Company Needs a Mobile Strategy Now! Just a few short years ago, most likely the primary business use you had for your mobile phone was some kind of convenient CRM tool. How quickly things have changed! This year, it's all about mobile for businesses and healthcare staffing is no exception. If you don't have mobile strategy for your healthcare staffing company, the time to get one is now. From mobile web experience, to job search, to candidate applications, the people you do business with are trying to connect with you via their mobile device more than ever. Therefore, adopting strategies for connecting with potential candidates and clients is essential. Moreover, it is important you and your recruiters are up to date on the latest mobile marketing methods (say that 3 times fast). We've been working with several healthcare staffing companies across the nation and many are starting to realize the need for and value of a mobile strategy. For some, they are beginning to view it for what it is - a key component of growth and opportunity for recruiting and engagement. We'll have some exciting announcements to make in the next few weeks about this so stay tuned! For now though - think your healthcare staffing company doesn't need to worry about mobile yet? Lets look at some stats: Smart phones currently make up 30% of the US cell phone market, and that number is expected to pass 50% by the end of 2011. Within five years, more users will connect to the internet over...

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