Friday, April 15, 2011

New SEO Service from Staffing Robot - Local SEO Booster! At Staffing Robot, we've been helping healthcare staffing agencies across the nation grow their business through proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Through this work we've discovered a big need that still exists out there for many medical staffing agencies - Local SEO! If your business depends heavily on local traffic, local SEO tactics are a must. If you're a per diem staffing agency, it's all about local. But even if not, employing some local SEO tactics to your travel staffing companies approach to search marketing will still pay off. You may not know this but there are over 3 billion local searches performed each month. Many from mobile phones. As customers increasingly choose online Search over things like the Yellow Pages to find a business near them, these numbers will only continue to go up. If you’re not showing up in Google’s local listings, you’re missing out on the majority of your potential search traffic. That's why today we're announcing a new service called 'Local SEO Booster!' If you want to capture a piece of the growing local search market we'll work with you to help increase your local website traffic and conversions. Staffing Robot's Local SEO Booster package will dramatically improve your web marketing efforts. How do we do it? In our standard SEO package for healthcare staffing companies we start with an extensive keyword and competitive research process that helps you determine the keywords your staffing company should target and compete on. Now, with our Local SEO...

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