Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Awesome Apps: Rapportive Being a web development and marketing company for the healthcare staffing industry we use a lot of online apps and services to make our business run more smoothly. Sometimes, we find ourselves taking these tools for granted. From time to time we'll be discussing some of our favorite applications in front of a client and find they have never heard of the application before. When these clients have acted on our recommendations they've told us later about how they too are now enjoying the app. This has happened enough that we've now been inspired to start a new line of posts to discuss this very topic. These new posts will be categorized as "Awesome Apps" and we'll use them to discuss different applications we use at Staffing Robot to make our days easier (or even just more enjoyable). We hope these posts are of interest to all of you and that you find value in learning about them. This first post is about one of our favorite applications: Rapportive. Although we wouldn't necessarily consider Rapportive a critical business application, it is still an awesome app that makes our sales and account management much more effective. Networking is a critical component to succeeding with your online marketing strategies and the contacts you make are key. When marketing online, particularly in social media networks, the number of these contacts you can gain is overwhelming. Therefore properly managing them all is essential. Most popular CRM tools out there do a great job with...

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