Thursday, April 07, 2011

Successful Healthcare Staffing Email Drip Campaign Strategies Drip email campaigns are an effective way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Instead of creating individual emails on the fly, drip campaigns allow you to send strategically targeted emails to segmented groups of people based on certain conditions and actions. The best part? Once you have it set up and your content created, the campaigns execute automatically! Because it's highly flexible and automated, it's perhaps the most effective and scaleable email marketing strategy there is. This post is the fifth in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The series focuses on tips and strategies for running successful email and e-newsletter campaigns using ePromoter by Staffing Robot. First, many of you may not know what a drip campaign is. So, just so we're all in tune here… Drip campaigns take their name from drip irrigation, which is a means of allowing water and fertilizer to be more evenly distributed to crops. It's a much more cost effective, targeted and resourceful method for irrigation. Drip marketing campaigns typically refer to an email marketing delivery strategy. Such a campaign involves a series of messages that are sent ("dripped”) in a predefined order at scheduled intervals. Each message is unique but the messages as a whole represent a larger campaign goal or set of goals. A drip campaign begins when a contact is added to a specific list or takes a specific action. Goals of Drip Campaigns The most successful drip campaigns have...

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