Thursday, March 31, 2011

Promoting Your Healthcare Staffing Company with Facebook Places Location based social networking has been taking off for some time now. For some business, like restaurants, Groupon and FourSquare make a lot of sense. But how can a healthcare staffing company take advantage of location based social networking? Last year Facebook released their version of location checkins called 'Facebook Places.' There are a lot of opportunities for business to make use of this feature. Including healthcare staffing companies! This post is the fifth in a series titled: 10 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company. In this post we will provide you with some ideas and tips on how to take advantage of Facebook Places to promote your healthcare staffing company. First, some basics. What is Facebook Places? Facebook Places is a mobile application for Facebook that allows your friends to see where you are by checking into a place. You can check in to physical locations and events and also tag your friends in the checkin process. The first thing you want to do is either add or claim your company page Places. To do this, search for your business name on Facebook. If your business’s Place already exists on Facebook, click on it to visit its page. There will be a link that says "Is this your business?" Click on the link and follow the instructions to claim your page. Facebook will then ask you to verify your claim through your phone, or you may be asked for document verification. Once your claim is...

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