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Top Healthcare Staffing News of 2010 and Predictions for 2011 At the end of 2009 we recapped the top stories in the healthcare staffing industry and made our predictions for healthcare staffing industry trends in 2010. As 2010 now comes to a close, it's interesting to see how we did on these predictions, reflect on industry events in 2010 and make some predictions on healthcare staffing trends in 2011. The Healthcare Staffing Industry in 2010 Healthcare Staffing and the Economy 2011 The macro economic effects on the healthcare staffing industry were still the big stories this year. The SIA's 2010 Healhtcare Staffing Summit gave us all some great insight and data on this topic. While not as dire as the economic downturn in 2009, the news was still mostly a downer. In 2010 hospitals still struggled with everything from reduced budgets to nationwide nursing strikes. All of this caused hospital job growth to slow dramatically and negatively impacted the revenue for the entire industry. While the revenue dropped for almost every company (large and small) in the healthcare staffing industry, perhaps the most notable news was learning Medical Staffing Network filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The bad economy also claimed a few tech companies in the healthcare staffing industry in 2010. One of the largest was Healthcare VMS provider, Symbio Solutions, who filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Negative changes in the economy produce acquisitions in every industry and the healthcare staffing industry was no exception. ABRY Partners made news with their acquisition of Comforce late in the year. However, the...
Healthcare Staffing Social Networking - Healthcare Travelbook Social networking is all the rage these days. Many companies in the healthcare staffing industry are finding tremendous growth and success from their marketing efforts in this area. Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be the platform of choice for most healthcare staffing companies. However, YouTube and Twitter are also gaining more traction in the healthcare staffing industry. Industry specific social media sites can bring a lot of value to participants in that industry. One of the most successful industry specific social media sites is Avvo. Avvo started as a social networking and rating site for laywers. It now also includes Doctors. In the healthcare staffing industry MedXCentral and MedicalMingle have created fairly successful social networking environments. MedXCentral is a more general platform for healthcare and MedicalMingle is open for healthcare professionals, recruiters and companies in the space. Last year, a new social networking site designed specifically for travel nurses started up called Healthcare Travelbook. The community is for everyone that works in the travel healthcare industry. This includes travelers and per diem staff, agency recruiters, and other supporting businesses. Although anyone in the industry can sign up, Healthcare Travelbook is primarily geared toward travel professionals. If you are a not an actual traveler your use of the site is more restricted. The Healthcare Travelbook was created by Wes and Rebecca Herdlein. Wes has been a Physical Therapist for over 12 years and has been traveling for the past 6 years. As a traveler, Wes wanted a central environment online whereby...

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