Friday, November 05, 2010

Writing and Managing Effective Pay Per Click Ads for Your Healthcare Staffing Agency "If you can't measure it you can't manage it." The best thing about marketing on the web is that you can track your results. This means you can better manage your budget because you know what's working and what's not right away. This post is part of a series discussing 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now. 6. How to run Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads for Your Healthcare Staffing Agency. Google AdWords allows anyone to easily create an account. Unfortunately, this is more in their interest than yours. If you don't know some of the basics or how to write an effective ad you'll find yourself blowing through your budget without a positive return very quickly. If you follow these few tips, however, you can run a cost-effective campaign that produces real results. How your staffing agency can get started with Google Ad Words First things first. Go here to create a Google Ad Words account for your staffing company and enter your billing info. Name Your AdWords Campaign. This may seem basic. However, take the time to give it some thought. You want to ensure the title is relevant to the campaign and something you can easily recall when you come back later and you are managing several ads. This also helps if you switch your ads to different regions or change up your message based on the time of year. For example, naming a campaign “Chicago Nurse Recruiting” lets you know that...
Creating Valuable Content for Your Healthcare Staffing Company "Content is king." Getting people to your website, blog or Facebook page can be quite a challenge. The first time people arrive on your site is absolutely the most critical. Visitors won't come back just to come back. You have to give them a reason. Consistently drawing people to your site is the only way to truly maximize your conversion rate. As with so many other aspects of web marketing, it’s not all about having a flashy, creative, well-designed website. Finding success on the web for your healthcare staffing company largely depends on providing interesting, valuable content that engages people and provides them with valuable information. This post is part of a series discussing 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now. Creating good content is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. With the changes in web marketing and the rise of social medial marketing, content has become key to delivering successful marketing campaigns for healthcare staffing agencies. Creating good content can be a challenge. It takes time and little skill to create relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis. As marketers get overwhelmed with their day to day tasks, taking time to come up with meaningful content can be impossible. Moreover, as marketers realize that content is king without taking the time to properly create useful information, the content produced just becomes noise and fails to deliver. Here are some tips to delivering successful content on the web: Locating content sources....

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