Friday, October 15, 2010

Staffing Robot Healthcare Staffing Website Design Services Re-design! We've been kind of quiet over the last couple weeks but we haven't gone anywhere. In fact, quite the opposite. Recently we brought on several new clients that all have great projects. We'll show you the work we've done for them once we're finished. We also decided to redesign our website and change up some of our service offerings. We simplified our site and made things easier to find. We also think it's a much better way to showcase our software products for healthcare staffing agencies and our sample work portfolio. Check it out: Staffing Robot Healthcare Staffing Website Design. In addition, over the last couple of months we've had a lot of staffing companies and healthcare organizations inquire about our prices and the specifics of the services we offer. So, in an effort to make things even more straight forward we've listed all of our pricing and services directly on our site! Other companies try to complicate or hide their pricing. However, we want to be different and make things simple by putting all of this right on our site for you to see. Now you can easily find the specifics of each service we offer and choose the ones that best fit within your budget. Staffing Robot New Service Offerings: Website Design for Healthcare Staffing Companies. We now offer 3 design packages to chose from. You can select from our 'Starter' 'Moving Up' or 'The Show' packages. The Starter and Moving Up packages allow you to chose from...

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