Monday, September 13, 2010

Branding and Rebranding for Your Healthcare Staffing Agency "Steady brand investment is rewarded by lasting competitiveness." This quote from the UK Design Council sums it up perfectly. If you treat your brand as an asset and constantly invest in its creation, promotion, evolution and management it will pay off in terms of your success. This post is part of a series discussing 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now. 3. Branding and Rebranding for Your Healthcare Staffing Agency. As a healthcare staffing agency, your brand is the represenation of all your company stands for. Developing and promoting your company brand is not simply the job of the marketing team, it must be an integrated component of all your business practices. What does your brand say about your company? Have you invested enough in your brand to ensure it’s relevant today? If not, it may be time to start or to rebrand altogether. What is a brand? A brand is more than a logo or a trademark. It's more than a slogan, sales pitch or mission statement. A brand is an identification or a representation. It can even be as intangible as a feeling, understanding or an association. Identify your brand. To identify your brand, the best thing to do is to first analyze and understand your business. Make sure that whatever you're delivering is of the best quality it can be. Nothing destroys your brand faster than having a reputation of not delivering on the promise of your products or services. Ask yourself...

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