Friday, July 16, 2010

Healthcare Staffing Agency Website Design and Web Marketing Services Eight years ago I had an idea and saw an opportunity. That idea was ShiftWise and over the last eight years the opportunity was realized. Today, ShiftWise is the largest provider of Vendor Management Services in the healthcare staffing industry, servicing over 1,200 hospital clients and 1,100 staffing agencies all across the nation. I'm incredibly proud of what ShiftWise has become and look forward to watching it grow even more successful over the next several years. However, I will be watching the success from a distance, as I have decided it's time to move on to a new venture. Today I wanted to officially announce the launch of a new company appropriately called - Staffing Robot! The company currently has 5 employees and is being founded by me and my business partner, Ross Barbieri, who also helped me start ShiftWise. Staffing Robot is a healthcare staffing web services company that provides the following services to hospitals and staffing agencies all across the nation: Website design Web software application development Mobile web platform development Search engine optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing management Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign strategies Brand creation, rebranding and brand management Email marketing campaign management Traditional print marketing services The Staffing Robot blog will become an extension of our new company's services and the blog posts will continue to provide you with relevant information from the healthcare staffing industry. It's been great working with so many of you over the last several years and I look...

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