Friday, June 11, 2010

What’s Your Strategy for Becoming Joint Commission Certified? Achieving Joint Commission certification is something every healthcare staffing agency needs to make a decision on. Although the certification is not officially required, it may as well be as far as getting new contracts with hospitals goes. These days, many hospitals are screening staffing agencies from their RFP process and purging them from their staffing lists if they do not have the certification. In 2005 The Joint Commission (JCAHO) starting offering certification programs for healthcare staffing agencies. Previously, this process was only part of hospital evaluations. The certification is not cheap and preparing for the process isn't easy, especially when you have your day-to-day operations to manage. Further, once you've been certified, it's imperative that you maintain the standards and processes that have been established in order to retain your certification. Preparing for the Joint Commission certification process requires a significant amount of time and attention from your organization and can greatly distract you from growing your business. During this economy, the last thing you want to be is distracted. Therefore, this is the type of project that is best managed by outside consultants who are experts in the process and can guarantee your success. One such company is Theodore Drew & Associates. Theodore Drew & Associates is a healthcare staffing consulting firm that launched in 2009. They have a 100% success rate at helping over 20 healthcare staffing companies across the nation achieve Joint Commission Certification. Can Joint Commission Certification be used to increase Market Share? In speaking with...

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