Monday, May 10, 2010

The Healthcare Staffing Report - 1st Week Results The launch of The Healthcare Staffing Report was a great success this week. Thanks to all who supported it and checked out the site. Many of you had some nice compliments about interesting news stories you read and how easy it was to find relevant, helpful information on the industry. My favorite comment came from Susan Rossow of Baylor Healthcare System in Dallas, Texas who said: "Thank you for creating a space for healthcare staffing wizards to learn, connect, and share. Fantastic work!" You should follow Susan on Twitter. Here is a list of all the initial sponsors. Please check out these great companies.Med Staff On-Call Theodore Drew & Associates TG Healthcare Temp Works Software CRI - Critical Resources Inc. Here are some stats for the site on the first week (5 day period): Total Hits: 1681 Page Views: 2364 Avg. Hits/Day: 336 Avg. Time on Site: 4:43 Top 5 most popular categories (based on clicks): Hospitals & Health Systems Staffing Agencies Healthcare Professionals Social Media Marketing Government & Economy Here is a list of this weeks top Headline News: Monday: Staffing Robot Launches The Healthcare Staffing Report Tuesday: Nurses March for Quality Care Legislation Wednesday: New Jersey Hospital Association Fights Strict Staff to Patient Ratios Thursday: Study: Doctor Interruptions Hurt Patient Care Friday: Hospitals: Without Social Media - You Don't Exist I'm really looking forward to the site gaining more traction. I hope it's providing valuable information and promotional opportunities to participants in the healthcare staffing industry. Also, there...

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