Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Facebook Optimization the New SEO? Last week I blogged about the Facebook Like button. Now that people have been using it for a couple of weeks some interesting findings have been uncovered. Today, CNN had a great article discussing the implication of this new social sharing/linking feature. In the article they explain that Facebook 'Likes' as a form of social links. These links potentially carry more value because they are related to a specific user. In contrast, Google gives value to links based on their connection to sites. Further, Google doesn't have full access to search Facebook and index these links. Ru oh raggy. If Facebook's 'Like' linking system takes off it could mean that Facebook becomes the new keeper of the gates, so to speak, when it comes to ranking and indexing the web. For people doing SEO this could mean that Facebook Optimization is just as, if not more, important than Search Engine Optimization. The Facebook Like button is already spreading quickly. Almost every site I've gone to in the last 2 weeks has a shiny new Facebook Like button on it and many people are already figuring out new plugins to optimize its use and data. Although this is good for Facebook, there are many open web advocates who think this is a bad thing. With this and some of Apple's recent announcements and products like their IPad, it does spark some cause for concern. Allowing single companies to control the web, set standards for it and collect all of our personal...

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