Friday, April 30, 2010

The New Facebook Like Button Yesterday, Facebook announced a change to how users promote the companies, news stories and other information around the web that they "Like." Previously, companies could make Facebook Fan Pages to promote their business and users could become "Fans" of those pages. Now, users can simply "Like" your business page. The change is seamless inside of Facebook. Your Fans have been conveniently converted to "Liking" your page. Outside of Facebook, however, additional functionality has been introduced to allow Facebook users to indicate their Likes all over the web. You can now place a Like button on any website and visitors can click it, indicating they Like your site, blog post, news story, etc. Once a visitor Likes your page their Facebook Icon will appear next to it, creating a social presence on your site. This data will also be sent back to Facebook and displayed on the visitor's page for their friends and connections to see. Facebook has given some indications that this user data will be made available to you as well. You can get the code for the Facebook Like Button here. Simply customize the widget at the bottom, click get code and apply that code to the appropriate place on your website. Or, just point your webmaster to this link and s/he will know what to do from there. This new sharing feature presents great marketing opportunities for hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies by allowing clients, patients and employees that interact with your company to help promote your...
The Healthcare Staffing Report Today I'm launching The Healthcare Staffing Report. The Healthcare Staffing Report is a site of aggregated news links, curated from hundreds of industry sources. From my perspective, finding relevant news for the healthcare staffing industry is difficult because the sources are fragmented and in most cases delivered through outdated, subscription models. The purpose of this site is to deliver useful news content to participants in the healthcare staffing industry – free of charge. If you’re a staffing agency, hospital, healthcare professional, industry association, or a technology/service provider within the healthcare staffing industry, you now have a single source of relevant news links that will benefit you in your career. The best part? The links on this site aren’t just static feeds from around the web. These links are curated top stories from hundreds of sources such as blogs, associations, news outlets, etc. Currently, the news links on the site are updated daily and fall into the categories of: Today's Headline Top Industry News Staffing Agencies Hospitals & Health Systems Healthcare Professionals Government & Economy Sales & Marketing Social Media Vendor Management Technology Healthcare IT Just for Fun The Healthcare Staffing Report also provides several opportunities for you to promote your company in the form of ads and sponsored links that are ‘followed’ to increase your SEO. (The news story links are not followed.) The sites promotion opportunities include: Top Page Leaderboard Ads Mid-Page Square Ads Sponsored Links to promote your website, press release or other relevant news Upcoming Events to...

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