Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hospital Social Media Adoption Data Via Ed Bennett Ed Bennett has updated his hospital social media data on his blog Found in Cache. This time he has dug a bit deeper into the data and produced some interesting findings. He also very kindly provides access to the raw data of US hospital social media use(excel file) to perform your own analysis. After qualifying the number of hospitals to those over 100 beds and that have open access to social media platforms, Ed suggests that there is now a 53% adoption rate of social media for US hospitals. Without the qualifiers, however, this number is closer to 14% of all hospitals in the US. Personally, in regard to hospitals embracing social media as a valuable method of promoting and monitoring their brand, we still have a long way to go. If it's true, as Ed suggests, that about 50% of the hospitals in the US are still blocking access to social media there are still some major roadblocks for mass adoption. Ed also gives some great reasons as to why he believes the adoption rates are higher for larger hospitals. The disparity should not be a surprise. Smaller hospitals, like those with less than 100 beds, have less resources to invest in most outward facing services. There’s usually only one person responsible for everything – marketing, public affairs, media relations, web development, philanthropy, etc. No wonder social media isn’t a priority. In fact only 14% (65) of the hospitals on my list have less than 100 beds, and 86%...

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