Thursday, December 03, 2009

Many Hospitals Are Still Behind When It Comes To Social Media Over the past two years I've attended several hospital, human resource/recruiter trade shows and conferences where social media was a hot topic. Unfortunately, each session on the topic has been a disappointment. In some cases it was because the presenter was not up to speed on their information in this space. I've listened to speakers who were giving out very inaccurate information and admitted they didn't use social media themselves. However, the biggest disappointment typically comes from the questions and responses of the crowd participants as a whole. Many hospital employees present at each of the shows admitted that their organization had no social media presence and typically gave the same reasons why – either their hospital had a policy prohibiting employees from using social media or the hospital was absent a policy permitting such usage. Hospitals are fairly traditional institutions when it comes to marketing, technology and communication. Add to it the brave new world of social media and the issue becomes even more complicated. Here are some of the standard objections I hear as to why hospitals tend to avoid social media: What if someone talks about our organization in a way we can’t control? Guess what – they are talking about your organization and you can’t control it. However, you can monitor it, be aware of it and participate in the conversation in an effort to help guide and keep it positive. If you do have an employee that says something negative or that violates one of...
How Will Google's Recent Announcements Affect Your SEO/SEM Campaigns? Recently, Google announced two big changes that will have an affect on your SEO/SEM efforts. These changes include: Page load speed Personalized search Page Load Speed: Google recently announced that page speed will be a factor in page rank. To assist you with measuring this, Goolge has added a new feature in the site performance report under the “Labs” section of the tool. This report shows you how fast your site loads compared to other sites, as well as your sites performance over time, and provides you with tips on how to improve pages. Google also released a Firefox Add On called Page Speed that works with Firebug. It may seem strange that Google is making page speed a criteria for page rank. However, page load times significantly contribute to user satisfaction. If a site is difficult to navigate or takes too long to retrieve information from it, the user experience is lessened and contributes to things such as increased bounce rates. Additionally, Google is releasing a public DNS resolver. WTH is that right? It's basically a system that enables computers to read the name of your website URL. This process can contribute to some latency when loading pages so Google has created a system that will perform this process faster and increase your page load speed. They provide step by step instructions on how to switch your site to Google DNS servers if you're interested. Personalized Search: Google has always given its users the ability to record and save...

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