Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Follow the Healthcare Staffing Twitter List Twitter has released a new featured called "Twitter Lists." The feature allows you to organize those you follow (and that follow you) and streamline their feeds. Others can then follow these lists, saving them the time of hunting for individuals on Twitter with shared interests. The feature also shows users how many lists they have been added to, suggesting that the user’s tweets fall into a certain category or adds value to a particular list. So, naturally, I created the Healthcare Staffing List. Please follow the list to see tweets from these people and companies from one source. This list features: Healthcare Staffing Agencies Recruiters and employees of staffing agencies Healhtcare VMS and other tech companies that provide software to the healthcare staffing industry Healthcare staffing industry analysts, bloggers and other relevant news companies Why should you follow the list? To get all relevant healthcare staffing industry tweets from one location To learn about new healthcare staffing products and services as they become available Find out the latest industry news and 'buzz' Monitor and keep track of your competition Monitor and keep track of your own brand Why should you be in this list? Increase your relevance by being included in as many lists as you can Promote your company to potential customers Gain access to followers that can find you more easily I will continue to add to this list. I hope you find it useful. If you are not in the list but would like to be, please...

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