Monday, August 17, 2009

Use Facebook to promote your hospital or healthcare staffing company. Facebook is now the fourth largest website in the world. Therefore, I’ll assume it needs no introduction. Most of us have digitized our personal lives on the site and have even mixed in some business uses. However, more than just a place to connect with friends, upload pictures and post (incredibly annoying) poles and games you’ve played, Facebook can be a great way to promote your hospital or healthcare staffing agency, as well as control your brand. Facebook allows you to create Pages that other users can become “fans” of. These fan Pages are similar to personal profiles but designed for the purpose of allowing businesses and organizations to establish a presence on the site. These Pages also allow you to do several things such as: Add your company Logo Provide a company summary Upload pictures or videos of your employees, work space, experiences, testimonials, ads, or commercials Connect to and network with employees, colleagues, and partners Link back to your corporate website or others sites on the web Post schedules of events and other activities your organization is involved with Create and send event invitations Integrate your press releases and news stories to be automatically shared on the page Distribute information and important links Once you’ve created a page and established a presence on the site there are three main benefits of being active on Facebook as a hospital or healthcare staffing supplier: 1. Brand promotion. In an earlier post I discussed the importance of monitoring your online brand...
Dramatic Increase in Hospital Adoption Rates of VMS The Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) recently released the results of their 2008 Buyer Survey showing the impressive adoption of Vendor Management Services (VMS) in healthcare staffing. (PDF link) Over the last three years, adoption of VMS in the Non-Clinical and IT industries have more than doubled while the adoption in healthcare has nearly quadrupled. There are several things contributing to the vast adoption of VMS in the healthcare staffing industry such as: Growth in sophistication of buyers Measurable improvements in performance and cost savings for hospitals and staffing suppliers Increased hospital acceptance of VMS/MSP offerings by staffing suppliers VMS technology solution providers delivering proven value Interestingly, the SIA announcement omits any mention of the role VMS Technology companies have played in this rapid increase in adoption. In fact, they somewhat suggest that the increase in adoption is due solely to staffing suppliers offering more VMS services with “their own platform” in their new founded "if you can't beat them, join them" approach. Although there has certainly been an increase in healthcare staffing suppliers winning more Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management business in recent years, there are some important clarifications needed in this announcement: MSP/VMS solutions are not new service offerings for healthcare staffing suppliers. Most of the successful staffing suppliers in this area were offering these services years prior to VMS technology companies entering the healthcare vertical. Perhaps we just need to have a better understanding of terms but the SIA states that staffing suppliers are now offering...

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